Concept Friday

Every Friday in 2012, I will post a new project.  I will try to keep it a sewing project, but we'll see.
The weekly project could be for caving, metal detecting, hiking, hunting/shooting, fishing, or ????
I will NOT guarantee that I will come up with a good idea or that I will try to sell any of the projects.
 I will just attempt to create something new.
Let me know what you think!!


Lesche Sheath
Improved Lesche Sheath
Slip-On Gear Loop
Slip-On Gear Loop - FINAL
Compass/Clino Case #1
Compass/Clino Case #2

Single Compass Case
Improved Single Compass           Case
Alpine Box conversion for              the Arbee Harness
Single Compass Case -                FINAL

Metal Detector Dust Cover           Modification
Single Box Shell Carrier
Cordura Seat Cover
Trap Shooting Pouch
Wrench Case

Quiet Case for Socket
       Set Part 1
Figure 8 Chest Harness -
        Version 1

Evolution of a Harness
Chest Harness Video
         Neck Loop
Chest Harness Video
         Y and H Harnesses

3/4/2012  X-Terra Dust Cover modification - Metal Detecting
    Due to some family issues, this is the first time I didn't make it on Friday. I started to build a whole new dust cover, but it is NOT workiing.

    So....I modified my old cover to make it work better. I notched out the hole for the coil wire and added Velcro straps to the bottom.  The straps will hold everything on.


3/9/2012  Single Box Shell Carrier - Trap Shooting
    I've wanted a single box carrier for a long time. Once in a while, a second whole box of shells is handy.

    This project also pushed me to try a couple of new sewing techniques.  I should have measured the box of shells, instead of copying the measurements from my shooting pouch.  My carrier ended up a little big and I had to tighten it up by pinching and sewing the front corners.  The result isn't as "finished" as I'd like it to be.  I’m happy with the way the webbing around the top turned out.

    This project is a practice run for a complete new pouch.  I'm still working out the design.


3/16/2012  Cordura Seat Cover
     I bought a used Blazer a couple of months ago and the Leather upholstery on the driver's seat is in poor condidtion. I needed to do something.

    The pictures are fairly self-explanatory.  This is the largest sewing project that I have done and I learned a few more sewing tricks.  

    One thing.....I can't build one for the passenger side. I used up all of those two colors on this project.



3/23/2012  Trap Shooting Pouch
       After I built the shell carrrier two weeks ago, I'd been thinking that a pouch for the empty shells would be nice.  I really like the idea of using quick release buckles to attach the two together.  It will make it easy to detach the lower pouch and dump the empty shells into a box(to be reloaded later). THAT turned out pretty good.

        I built the lower pouch last night.  The whole project went together easily.  However, the Cordura material isn't close to being stiff enough to hold anything.  I was going to have to make the pouch more rigid.  I remembered some old slats from a set of vinyl venetian blinds in my parent's garbage and I thought that would work.

        This IS a project to teach me, instead of taking the pouch apart...or starting over...I decided to "fix" it.  I sewed a layer on the inside to hold two vertical slats and one horizontal slat. I then sewed a layer on each side for a horizontal slat.  The pouch is now rigid, yet can still fold flat.

        My old pouch can't hold 50 empties very well, so I wanted this one to be bigger. I made it too big.  WAY too big.  I'm not sure if I'll try to take a section out of it and sew it back together or start over.


3/30/2012  Wrench Case
      A fairly simple project to force me to concentrate on making my stitching look better.