Concept Friday

Every Friday in 2012, I will post a new project.  I will try to keep it a sewing project, but we'll see.
The weekly project could be for caving, metal detecting, hiking, hunting/shooting, fishing, or ????
I will NOT guarantee that I will come up with a good idea or that I will try to sell any of the projects.
 I will just attempt to create something new.
Let me know what you think!!


Lesche Sheath
Improved Lesche Sheath
Slip-On Gear Loop
Slip-On Gear Loop - FINAL
Compass/Clino Case #1
Compass/Clino Case #2

Single Compass Case
Improved Single Compass           Case
Alpine Box conversion for              the Arbee Harness
Single Compass Case -                FINAL

Metal Detector Dust Cover           Modification
Single Box Shell Carrier
Cordura Seat Cover
Trap Shooting Pouch
Wrench Case

Quiet Case for Socket
       Set Part 1
Figure 8 Chest Harness -
        Version 1

Evolution of a Harness
Chest Harness Video
        Neck Loop
Chest Harness Video
        Y and H Harnesses

12/24/2011  Sheath(s) for Lesche digger - Metal Detecting

I was just trying to make a better sheath than the one that comes with the Lesche. Improvements are: Open bottom to let dirt/mud out and an experimental plastic "wear bar".


12/30/2011  Improved Sheath for Lesche digger - Metal Detecting

Ok...the quality of last week's sheath...bugged me. I knew I could do better. SO, I built two more this week and I'm showing you the last one that I made.

     1. Much cleaner look. 
     2. Webbing "wear bar". It will still last a long time and it's WAY EASIER to sew than the clear plastic was.
     3. I tried to stiffen-up the sheath(as suggested to me on FMDF) by sewing webbing onto the back of the sheath.
     4. Added the "molle" attachment points. Not very functional, but I think it looks cool.
     5. Open bottom for dirt to fall out.


1/6/2012  Slip-On Gear Loop - Caving

    This is an idea I've had for a while. And it was time to try and build it.

    Most caving harnesses have lousy gear loops. The loops are ALWAYS too small. Part of the problem(just as with the lack of "butt-straps"), is the one-size-fits-all construction of most caving harnesses. When harness is made this way, permanent features, such as gear loops and butt straps, CAN'T be sewn into one position.

    However, I've come up with with a "slip-on" system that works on any caving harness made from 2 inch webbing.

    Here's the Gear Loop that I came up with. Just like the Comfort Strap Kit, it's based on the two inch, anti-slip webbing. The final version will have some changes: the loop will be made from 1/2 inch webbing(instead of 1 inch) and the loop will be covered in plastic tubing.

    The reason that I didn't build it that way last night.....I didn't have any QUALITY 1/2 inch webbing and the tubing I purchased is too small. I need one size bigger.

    I'm also showing a couple of my other attempts.


1/13/2012  Slip-On Gear Loop FINAL - Caving

    Here is the final version of the gear loop.  It's based on the 2 inch anti-slip webbing system used by the Comfort Strap Kit.  I used 3/4 inch flat webbing for the attachment loops and the gear loop.  Plastic tubing covers the gear loop.

    If a caver would like to have the gear loop "stick out" a bit more, just install the Slip-On Gear Loop upside down.


1/20/2012  Compass/Clino Case #1 - Caving

    As you can see, this project needs a LOT more work. However, I learned what NOT to do, which will help on the next attempt.

    The idea is to protect the instrument modules, combine the instruments into one unit, and design a case that doesn't have to be removed while in use.

     It will have the instruments back-to-back. A clear vinyl pocket will hold a sheet of Lexan to protect the module on each side.  I also want each side to be color coded....makes it easy to know which instrument is which.


1/27/2012  Compass/Clino Case #2 - Caving