Concept Friday

Every Friday in 2012, I will post a new project.  I will try to keep it a sewing project, but we'll see.
The weekly project could be for caving, metal detecting, hiking, hunting/shooting, fishing, or ????
I will NOT guarantee that I will come up with a good idea or that I will try to sell any of the projects.
 I will just attempt to create something new.
Let me know what you think!!


Lesche Sheath
Improved Lesche Sheath
Slip-On Gear Loop
Slip-On Gear Loop - FINAL
Compass/Clino Case #1
Compass/Clino Case #2

Single Compass Case
Improved Single Compass           Case
Alpine Box conversion for              the Arbee Harness
Single Compass Case -                FINAL

Metal Detector Dust Cover           Modification
Single Box Shell Carrier
Cordura Seat Cover
Trap Shooting Pouch
Wrench Case

Quiet Case for Socket
       Set Part 1
Figure 8 Chest Harness -
        Version 1

Evolution of a Harness
Chest Harness Video
        Neck Loop
Chest Harness Video
        Y and H Harnesses

2/3/2012  Single Compass Case - Caving
     I haven't been able to come up with a good closure for the double case. So, I switched to a single case. While I was at it, I tried a different construction technique. I know I didn't get it posted on Friday....but, I completed the case at 11:50pm.


2/10/2012  Improved Single Compass Case - Caving
    I realized yesterday that the double Compass/Clino case will not work. When the two instruments are put back-to-back, there is too much "stuff" below the compass. It would be almost impossible to get a good compass reading to a downhill station with the double case.

    I might try a side-by-side case eventually, but for now, I'm going back to the single case.

    I added two strips of webbing on the eyepiece end. This will hold the instrument in and leave the eyepiece unobstructed. The other end is where the instrument is slipped into the case. Three flaps of Velcro hold everything together(including the Lexan).

    Overall, this is the first case that I'm satisfied with. I would feel comfortable taking THIS case caving. However, there are still some improvements that I can make.  I think I can reduce the bulk of the Velcro(while keeping it secure) and I can make a change to the overall construction for a better fit. The case also needs a small D ring for a neckstrap.



2/17/2012  Fritzke Alpine Box Conversion for the
Arbee Chest Harness - Caving
     After seeing the experimental conversion that I did for Jay Kennedy, Paul Siegel wondered if I would do the same for him. I said I would, thinking this will be an easy add on to the Arbee harness. THEN Paul told me he had a Fritzke Alpine Box. The Alpine Box is different than other chest boxes because it has a single, angled slot for the torso strap and shoulder strap.  Other chest boxes have separate slots.

    The torso strap was fairly straight foward.  I just had go from the 1 1/2" webbing down to 1" for the box. I doubled the 1" webbing for added stiffness and durability.

    I thought about just threading the shoulder straps through the slots, but I was worried that the "bunching" would make it difficult to go back to the Cinch-Tite system if Paul decided to go back to a dedicated Frog system. So, I built the add-on loops for attaching the shoulder straps. The loops are threaded "backwards" for more friction and to keep the tails out of the way.

    I do have one concern.  Because the harness was designed as a one-size-fits-most for Frog system users, the shoulder straps might be too long for use with the Alpine box.  I won't know until Paul has a chance to do some testing with it.

    Special thanks to Garry Storrick for keeping the Vertical Devices website up and running. Without that site I would not have been able to make the pattern of the Alpine Box.


2/24/2012  Single Compass Case FINAL - Caving
    This is the final version of the compass case.  I was able to reduce the bulk of the the enclosure system and refine the construction for a better fit.  One thing I'd still like to do, is add a thin layer of neoprene on the inside.

    The case can be used with the cord that comes with the instrument or a more comfortable neck strap can be attached.