Concept Friday

Every Friday in 2012, I will post a new project.  I will try to keep it a sewing project, but we'll see.
The weekly project could be for caving, metal detecting, hiking, hunting/shooting, fishing, or ????
I will NOT guarantee that I will come up with a good idea or that I will try to sell any of the projects.
 I will just attempt to create something new.
Let me know what you think!!

Lesche Sheath
Improved Lesche Sheath
Slip-On Gear Loop
Slip-On Gear Loop - FINAL
Compass/Clino Case #1
Compass/Clino Case #2

Single Compass Case
Improved Single Compass           Case
Alpine Box conversion for              the Arbee Harness
Single Compass Case -                FINAL

Metal Detector Dust Cover           Modification
Single Box Shell Carrier
Cordura Seat Cover
Trap Shooting Pouch
Wrench Case

Quiet Case for Socket
       Set Part 1
Figure 8 Chest Harness -
        Version 1

Evolution of a Harness
Chest Harness Video
         Neck Loop
Chest Harness Video
         Y and H Harnesses

4/6/2012  Wallet
      Another project to make me try something new.  The colors are brown and copper(not orange).



4/13/2012  Quiet Case for Socket Set Part 1
      The old plastic case for my socket set is about "done for". One latch is broken, the second will break soon, and I think the hinge isn't far behind. This set is the set that stays in the car all the time. The sockets rattle when I drive on a gravel road.
       Time for a quiet case. Today's goal was to see if I could even build something out of fabric that would hold sockets.  I was able to make one holder for one set of sockets. The holder rolls up to hold the sockets in place. I plan to sew Velco to the back of the "roll". The Velcro will hold the set in place in the final case. I also plan to add a label strip inside the holder - just above the well as on the outside. I won't add the Velcro or labels until all the socket holders are completed.
       I'll be working on the rest of the holders this week.  I don't know if I'll get to the actual case by next Friday, but I'll try.


4/27/2012  Figure 8 Chest Harness-Version 1
      This is my take on a "Figure 8" type chest harness.  It has the adjustment buckles on the torso side to keep buckles from being under backpack straps.  It has a large backpad with an adjustable strap that attaches to the seat harness.
        I think the backpad is probably too big, but I'll have to do some testing on rope first.  It surprised me how comfortable it is to walk around in.  The shoulder straps also stay in place much better than I thought they would.  Testing on rope should be fun.

        I built this harness in anticipation of a series of videos I will be making to show my approach to chest harness design.  I needed a "Figure 8" type harness and didn't have one.